• A full-time working contract with 40 hrs per week with the starting basic monthly salary at around 4 500€ / month (approx. 50 000€ / year) for the duration of the adjustment and familiarization period. An increase in basic monthly is granted at the time when the medical license has been granted in the new home country. The basic monthly salary will rise to a minimum of 5 500€. A further increase is negotiated with partner hospital).
• The final salary will be according to your experience and level of duties as is defined within the national frame agreement of Doctors, the hospital districts’ internal guideline, duration of your previous work experience, the requirements of the duties, the degree of specialization and seniority (negotiated with partner hospital)
• Any inconvenient hours and on-call duties will be compensated as additional to your basic salary (negotiated with partner hospital)

We expect you to have:

• A license to practice your profession within the field of medicine as a specialized doctor of radiology, and this license to be granted to you by European Union country officials.
• A minimum of five (5) years of experience practising your profession after finalizing your medical degree.
You to have expertise in one of the following combinations: Mammography + US+ Native + CT or Mammography + US
• You to commit to the free-of-charge language training provided in your home country with a goal to reach a minimum of B2 level of the target language (Finnish or Swedish) at the end of the training.