• A Smooth Landing into Healthcare Jobs in the Nordics

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BBi & International Recruitment - Supporting You Each Step Along the Way

Country of Origin Training programmes, or COOTs, are a unique concept for employers to train incoming foreign workers during the recruitment phase. COOTs ensure that the new professionals who are relocating have basic language skills and cultural understanding of the target country as well as basic understanding of the organisational and legal aspects surrounding healthcare and the working environment of the employing organisation.

Unlike anything else on the market, COOTs were developed in close collaboration with healthcare districts, rural health centres and university hospitals. BBi Communication has helped almost 400 social and healthcare professionals including nurses, general practitioners, specialists and dentists find new work in the Nordics.

We are committed to following the international rules of recruitment as well as to thoroughness in the process and how it affects both the applicants and their new working environments. Our partner organisations and companies around Europe have given us a reputation as trustworthy and ethical experts in international recruitment.

Personnel and Resources

Our project teams in international recruitment processes always have:

  • Recruitment Manager
  • Head of Training and assigned Training Manager
  • Language Teacher
  • Cultural communication expert who has thorough knowledge
    of the working culture of the target country and the healthcare sector
  • Client Partner

BBi - Committed to Supporting Linguistic and Cultural Competency

BBi Communication is an intercultural communication company that offers language training, intercultural leadership programs, intercultural training and translation services since 1986 with production sites on all five continents. At BBi Nordics we are specialized in work related immigration, and experts in international recruitment. Through our work with relocation services we get an invaluable insight into the conditions and challenges expatriates and their families face.

Our mission is to enable individuals, teams, and organisations to be successful in an international environment.

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