Our partner hospitals offer:

• A permanent position with 40 hours per week working time.
• A monthly salary, with the basic monthly salary starting from 25 000 SEK. The final salary level will be determined individually based on your skills and work experience and granted once you have a license to work as a registered nurse.
• Inconvenient working hours (evenings, weekends, nights, holidays) and overtime will be paid on top of the basic monthly salary (can add up to even 25% on top of basic monthly salary).
• Education and development possibilities, e.g. specialization, research, management
• Induction to your new tasks and responsibilities when you start working

We expect you to:

• Have a license to practice your profession within the field of medicine as a registered nurse or as a specialist nurse, and this license to be granted to you by European Union country officials.
• Have preferably three (3) years of experience practising your profession after finalizing your degree or your specialization.
• You to commit to the language training provided in your home country and reach a minimum of B2 level of the target language at the end of the training.