Are Nordics at the end of your rainbow?

In Nordics you live in a safe environment with plenty of nature around you, but usually still close to the city areas. The regions also have plenty to offer in terms of culture and sports for those interested in recreational opportunities. They are fantastic places for children to grow,  with excellent schools and plenty of different daycare options.

Moving to a new country is a big step and we are committed to make sure that your journey will be as simple as possible. In order to make sure that you will feel at home, we always hope to find the best match to both you and the hiring employer. We will also support you all the way from the very beginning always until you have settled in to your new home country and job.



Our partners are often University hospitals, rural hospitals and health centers - the very best in the Nordics. They offer high quality care, and want to welcome you as a part of their team of dedicated professionals.

We are looking for nurses who are:

  • Organized and take initiative in their work
  • Active listeners and want to contribute to the workplace development
  • Meeting patients’ needs and enabling patients to get involved in their own care
  • Adept in communicating with colleagues and in meeting with different professionals, patients and relatives
  • Able take a leading role when and if the situation so demands.

Did you recognize yourself from the description? Are you ready for a change?